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Curb appeal matters, and a well-landscaped yard can dramatically improve property value and aesthetics.  Not all improvements need to wait until Spring, either.  Turf grass is a great investment, and can be installed year-round.  The wet weather is no reason to postpone the lawn upgrade project you’ve been thinking about.

Sod, is a mature, versatile lawn cover, available in varieties well suited for all types of conditions.  Unlike alternative lawn covers, which typically take years to mature, sod establishes quickly and can be ready for heavy use in only a few weeks.  Also unlike seeding, it is resistant to the effects of erosion, so it can be installed during the rainy season, or on slopes where seeds and immature grass would be washed away.

The primary benefits of sod are its convenience and hardiness.  Once the surface is prepared, sod can be installed in a matter of hours, and takes root quickly.  With consistent watering, the lawn will establish itself within a couple weeks, requiring very little maintenance after that.  It is important to choose a grass variety suited to your property’s needs.  For low-traffic areas, finer bladed grasses provide an impressive accent.  When more durability is required, broader-bladed grasses tend to do very well.  When choosing a grass variety, make sure to take note of the shade requirements in the area where it will be planted, as this will also affect how each type of grass will perform.  Consult with a landscaping professional to determine the right type of grass with for your application.  With proper planning, a sod lawn will outperform seeded lawns nine times out of ten, making it an attractive landscaping investment.

A beautiful sod lawn can be installed in hours, at a surprisingly low cost, all year round.  To get a quote on your own lawn improvement project in Vancouver or Clark County, Washington, contact Boulder Falls Landscaping, at 360-991-1347.

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